Benefits of Letting Agents There are many types of the letting agent Newcastle and they cover apartments, individual houses, bachelor rooms and flats in whatever location you are going to select. The landlords can list their specifications to the letting agents and they will try to find the property that exactly matches your needs. The first type includes the service that provides information about the residential properties; they have the agreement that includes the tenant and the home owner along with the written policy of the letting agent. The letting agent also receive the agreement and the amount of the fees depends on the type of the property being sold. They are also included in the financial agreement in order to avoid the problems that occur in the future. The onetime payment is given in the first type of the category, the second type has the agreement even for the rent and they are included in the paperwork. The student letting Newcastle allows the customer to be stress free in searching the accommodation for the students pursuing their higher education in the foreign countries. Fifty percent of the paper work is done by the letting agents and the other part is done by the property owners. It is important to select the reliable letting company so that they offer the efficient methods in getting the standards. You can save both time and your money by opting for the letting agents or the estate agent agencies. Years of experience is important choosing the agency.